Project Manager

We are seeking two motivated individuals to fill the role of Project Manager. The successful candidate will ensure the timely and effective completion of tasks outside of bounties while keeping project scope and technical debt under control. They will also play a key role in managing community expectations and triaging Pull Requests and issues submitted by community members.

Key responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that tasks outside bounties are managed and mapped in “timelines”.
  • Keeping project scope and technical debt under control.
  • Managing expectations of the community and helping triage Pull Requests and community-submitted issues.
  • Writing in clear and concise English, avoiding idioms and colloquialisms to be as understandable as possible to individuals for whom English may be a second language.
  • Maintaining a neutral and patient approach in all interactions, focusing on the project’s goals as best as possible.
  • Being self-directed and comfortable reaching out for support when needed.

To be considered for this role, you should be a self-driven individual who is capable and willing to be persistent in making progress on project tasks, inspiring and patient. You should also be able to work well in a team and be humble, patient, accepting, and non-judgmental.

If you are interested in this role and have relevant experience, please submit your application to