Stash - an organizer for your porn

What is Stash?

Stash allows you to organize and view your own collection of adult video and image files. Think of it like a private PornHub site for your personal porn collection.


Every video file has its own scene. Scenes can be rated and tagged with performers, tags, movies and a studio.


Bookmark your favorite parts of a scene with markers. Markers can be tagged and appear in the video scrubber when viewing a scene.


Zipped image collections can be viewed as galleries.

View your content

Preview and view all of your scenes and galleries from your web browser on your PC, tablet or phone. Stash directly streams videos to your web browser. Stash supports streaming of a large variety of formats and codecs to most web browsers.

Curate your content

Rate your scenes, and tag them with performers, tags, movies and studios. Filter and sort your content with a variety of filter and sorting options.

Stash also allows you to derive scene metadata from video filenames. Alternatively, you can scrape scene metadata from websites using community-curated scrapers.

Stash is private

Stash operates on your own network. Your collection is not shared anywhere.

You can even password protect it.

Stash is free

Stash is developed by volunteers and is licensed under the GNU AGPL. This means that it is, and always will be, free.


Upcoming features

View the changelog for the development build here.