Linguistics Community Lead

We are looking for two individuals to take on the role of Linguistics Community Lead. They are passionate about Stash and are willing to share their time to help alleviate the pressure on the core development team. As a Linguistics Community Lead, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Following up with our human translators to help encourage supported language completeness.
  • Writing in clear and concise English without using idioms or colloquialisms to be as understandable as possible to individuals for whom English may be a second language.
  • Building relationships on behalf of the Stash community with translators to help increase translation completeness.
  • Helping to ensure reading comprehension standards are applied to every portion of the applications we produce and maintain.
  • Working with tools such as GitHub, git, and Weblate for accomplishing translation tasks and updates.

To be considered for this role, you should be a self-driven individual who is capable and willing to be persistent in making progress on project tasks, inspiring and patient. You should also be able to work well in a team and be humble, patient, accepting, and non-judgmental.

If you are interested in this role and have relevant experience, please submit your application to